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All About Intelligent Keys

All About Intelligent Keys
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Remote Entry vs. Intelligent Keys

We’re all familiar with remote entry fobs by now. There has hardly been a car made in the past twenty years that doesn’t have them. We know they’re reliable, robust and a useful feature to have, which is why they have become standard on all cars. Newer cars, however, take this concept a step further with ‘intelligent keys’. The name may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but generally the word ‘intelligent’ is in there somewhere. Are they something you might want on your next vehicle?

Is An Intelligent Key The Right Choice For You?To answer that, let’s look at the difference between remote entry and intelligent keys. With the remote entry, the driver presses a button on a fob to open or lock the car doors. To start the car, a regular ignition key is still employed. It’s either built into the remote entry fob or it’s clipped in and removable. An intelligent key does away with the old-fashioned type leaving just the fob. Provided the driver is close to the car the doors will open. Unlocking of ignition happens when the fob is in the car. At that point, the driver simply presses a button, usually on the dashboard, to start the engine. Conversely, as the driver leaves the car, the doors and ignition lock.


Pros and Cons of Intelligent Keys

We’ve all had the experience of returning to our car laden with bags only to find we can’t get our keys out of our pocket or purse. And, while not common, a broken ignition key in the ignition lock still happens, particularly when young drivers still don’t know their own strength. Intelligent keys fix both those problems. But, realistically, how often do those events happen? Certainly not often enough to jump to a scary new level of dependence like an intelligent key, where there’s no nice safe old-fashioned key to unlock your car door and turn the ignition if the electronics fail. In exchange however, their unique to your car code provides greater security than an easily copied key (anyone can have another car key made) ever could so they are the coming generation of car locks.

And what if they do fail, leaving you stranded? Fortunately, the Automotive Locksmith trade has kept pace with manufacturers along the road. Wherever you are, at home, or work, or anywhere else in the country, phone an emergency locksmith and you’ll be back driving again in no time, even if it’s something like a lost fob (transponder chip key in the trade).

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