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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Your UPVC door locks might stop working well at some point. There could be many different reasons for this. The important thing is to get an effective solution as soon as possible.

Fix Door Lock

UPVC Door LocksFor every problem, there is a solution. Difficulties with inserting and turning the key mean worn cylinder. It should be replaced timely to avoid lockout and serious security problems. If the key turns, but the door doesn’t get unlocked - the deadbolt or hook is most likely jammed and careful lock repair is required. If the bolt or hook appears to be loose and the door cannot be locked, the locking mechanism is broken and has to be replaced.

Align UPVC door

Misalignment signals a problem with the hinges. They require detailed inspection and testing in the first place. If they are loose - tightening them should solve the problem. It is essential for damaged, broken and missing screws to be replaced. Bent hinges require straightening with the use of special repair techniques. If they are greatly bent, they should be replaced. This is the only fix for worn and broken hinges. With careful door adjustment, the problem will be resolved completely. If weather strips prevent proper closing, new ones should be installed.

Locks Mechanisms and Replacement

One of the great things about door locksets is that they consist of different components which can be replaced individually. The list includes cylinder, locking mechanism and handle. When the hardware is old or outdated, however, all components should be changed. It is essential for the new cylinder to be highly resistant to all of the most common break in-techniques. The bigger and thicker the mechanism's deadbolts are the better. The handle should be easy to use. Otherwise, the mechanism can easily break. The installation involves setting all components securely and adjusting them accurately.

Damaged, faulty or outdated UPVC lock? Let us repair it or replace it. At Locksmith New Malden, we offer a full set of professional services. Count on us to adjust and fix the door too. Get professional help without delay.

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